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Since 1972, PGE&Co is a trusted destination for global corporations, local companies, and international business people

A few words about us

PGE&Co (P.G. Economides & Co Limited) is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“ICPAC”), the regulatory body of the accounting profession in Cyprus.

The company is headed by a selected group of experienced and multi-disciplined directors who share their knowledge with their team and clients.

Started over 50 years ago by Peter G. Economides in a small apartment in London and grown to be one of the most trusted audit firms in Cyprus and abroad, our firm boasts the success of our clients and of our people.

No matter how difficult, complicated, complex, big or demanding our assignment is, there is nothing we haven't worked on before or that we cannot solve.

Our dedication is to the success of our clients.

A message from the founder of our firm, Mr. Peter G. Economides:

"We created this firm and built it on solid grounds, always thinking ahead and always striving to become better. We commit to all our clients that their success is paramount to us."

Peter G. Economides | Founder

Peter G. Economides, Founder of PGE&CO

A message from the CEO of our firm, Mrs. Andry Panteli:

"The legacy entrusted to us is heavy but welcome. Our team is more than ready and eager to serve in the most professional way and always for the benefit of our clients. We win our clients with our reputation, and we keep them with our quality. Welcome to PGE&Co. Let's work together."

Andry Panteli | Chief Executive Officer



Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional quality services, exceeding their expectations and adding value to their business, while ensuring our clients' positive experience and satisfaction.

Together, we always head onwards and upwards.

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