Our team of experts ensure the delivery of valuable and useful group reporting.

As experienced auditors, we specialize in ensuring the meticulous consolidation of the financial statements for parents with subsidiaries and associated companies, strictly adhering to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our team collaborates with the group's management to prepare comprehensive consolidated accounts along with their detailed notes. Supplementary reports, tailored to your circumstances, may include the management report, auditors report, non-financial reports and other relevant consolidated reports.

Combining the financial results of several subsidiary and associated companies with the financial results of the parent company, we provide a clear view of the group's financials as a single entity.

Consolidated financial statements entail a crucial role in offering a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of the financial position and performance of a group of companies, benefiting various stakeholders in their decision-making processes.

In fostering financial transparency, we uphold international standards, providing a clear and accurate representation of your group's financials.

At PGE&Co, we prioritize precision, integrity and accountability.

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